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 Not sure what to prune now?   

It's time for you to do your spring pruning.
5 things you can prune now ~ 
  1. Evergreens - It's time to tidy them up.  Learn more.
  2. Fruit trees - proper pruning should be done every year.  It will:
    1. Keep the tree under control, so fruit is easy to reach
    2. Encourage less, but larger fruit
    3. Fruit will grow closer to the trunk, so limbs will not become weighted down and break.
    4. More fruit tree pruning tips.
  3. Summer blooming flowering shrubs such as butterfly bushes, potentilla, and hibiscus-prune now. Spring blooming shrubs, such as lilacs and forsythia should be pruned after they bloom.  Learn more.
  4. Shrub roses, such as Easy Elegance and Knock-out roses-prune now. Don't prune hybrid tea or grandiflora until you see the forsythia blooming in your area.
  5. Sun loving hydrangeas, such as Limelight. Remove the dead flower heads, cutting back to the first strong, healthy pair of buds, lower down the stem.  Wait to prune the shade loving hydrangea until May in our area.
Spring pruning will really tidy up your yard.   
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